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KiK For PC Download Latest Version For PC & Mac

I'm pleased to declare that Kik Messenger doesn't request your phone number. It may still read your contact list, however. The main reason for including one which you do not need to minimize the program to view a web page. It is genuinely a marriage between technology and reason. Regarding its features, sadly Kik's browser is in the fetus degree. It has nothing more than a talk to conversation button along with also an address bar. Sharing with all the button will not confer the link somewhat much better remedy than if it could be supplied uncooked.

The absolute best aspect of all Kik For PC would be the add-ons. Produced by a growing tribe of enthusiastic programmers, all these add-ons are legion and are marginally helpful to corny. No issue. It's already covered. Additionally, some add-ons permit you to talk with strangers and also a means to share pictures with a display timer if you would like to avoid them becoming viral. This add-in extravaganza could be retrieved by tapping "Much More," and is a more specific method to overlook that Kik is primarily a messenger.

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  • Built in browser - It is possible to discuss speeches directly into conversations
  • Add-ons -- An already impressive and diverse addition library
  • Typing notifications -- It informs you if the others are still typing so you can keep calm and wait
  • The redeeming element of this Kik browser is the fact that it enables to start its existing address with your normal browser program.


  • It's Totally Free! Unlike WhatsApp, Kik will not bill you or request a paid subscription.
  • It has a massive library of add-ons. It has sufficient silly things that you likely won't get tired shortly (if you like them that is)
  • Using the built-in browser is much comfier compared to not having it. Admitted it isn't a lot but it is quite comfy for checking out a picture link for instance.

Kik Messenger is a mobile application available now for Android, iOS along with Windows Phone. It will not have a version for desktop PCs, but if you would like to utilize Kik Messenger for desktop computer or laptop you will have to use a Android emulator for example Bluestacks.

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